prescription glasses on a shelf


Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is the most common cause of impaired vision in people under age 40.

If you have myopia, you may have trouble reading signs that clearly see distant objects, while you may be able to read a book or text fine without your glasses.

With that being said, we are here to help you best manage your myopia, so driving at night does not become a hindrance for you. Usually when we are testing for myopia, we use a Zeiss iolmaster to measure your eye correctly, since this instrument helps us in predicting what your risk for myopia progression may be, and how we can decide what route of treatment we should take to reduce your myopia progression. Also, this instrument can help to see how well your treatment is working for your myopia. Last but not least, this instrument does not only help detect and manage your myopia, but also helps us know as your eye care providers whether or not down the line you may be at risk of developing myopia. 

Finding the Best Treatment to Manage your Myopia 

While there are different routes you can take to manage your myopia, nearsightedness. We as your eye care providers suggest either multifocal soft contact lenses or multifocal glasses. During this process, we help you in finding what route of myopia management best fits you. Also, you have the option of managing your myopia with atropine eye drops.

Through using these eye drops, we will look to see at what concentrations and dose schedules help you best manage your myopia, and allow you to see crystal clear. 


prescription glasses on a shelf