prescription glasses on a shelf

Optician Services - Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

How do you know which frame style is best for your face? We know, and we can help you get the best, personalized look for you. 

At Adam’s Eyecare, our in-house Licensed Optician helps our patients choose the perfect eyeglasses to suit their needs. We help our patients leave our office with eyewear that looks good, feels good, and helps maximize their vision. 

Our on-site Licensed Optician helps toddlers, young children, school age children, tweens, teens, and adults of all sizes find the ideal lens design for the perfect frames. 

We provide Optical services for:

  • Eyeglasses of all types.
  • Minor repairs, adjustments, nosepad replacement.
  • Specialty Eyeglasses with Prism, Slab off, High Prescription, or Hard to Fit Prescriptions.
  • Sunglasses (with and without prescription)
  • Sports glasses
  • Safety glasses


Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses can be tricky. With hundreds of different designs, how do you know what makes one design better than another, and which design is best for you? Lucky for our patients, our Licensed Optician is an expert in progressive lenses. 

Many Eyeglass Vendors online, nationwide and local will lead patients to believe that any no line bifocal is a progressive and all progressives are the same... They are not. Our Optician is able to choose from many designs to find the best within the price range the patient desires. 

For simplification we have assigned progressive lens designs to three categories- good, better, and best: There are many different designs in each category, each category has its own price point.

  • Best designs are cutting edge, newest technology. $$$
  • Better designs were cutting edge 2 years ago and are still better than most. $$
  • Good designs are generally 5 to 10 year old technology, but are still good and functional. $

We can find you the right progressive lenses to fit your optical needs, budget, and lifestyle. 


Soft Contacts

Our Licensed Optician ensures our patients are prepared for contact lenses. From insertion and removal training to care and replacement schedules, we train patients in the proper use and care of contact lenses. Working with the Doctor to find the best comfort and vision in Contact lenses. When the right fit is acheived we can get your Contact Lenses.  They can be shipped to your home, or picked up at the office.