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Foreign Body Removal

Foreign Body Removal is very important to do if you have something embedded in your eye that shouldn't be there. The most common item we see is metal from grinding with an electric grinder. We are able to quickly locate the offending item and remove it carefully. We use anisthetic eye drops so you instantly feel better, and very little pain is involved in the removal. If you end up getting any foreign material in your eye, please don't let it go, come see what we can do for you, so you can get back feeling great again. 

Rust Ring Removal 

Corneal Rust Rings occur most often when metallic foreign bodies become embedded in the cornea for a long enough time that your body rusts the metal. Getting this rust removed is crucial when it comes to avoiding any permanent damage to the cornea. If you end up getting any metallic foreign body in your eye, you should get it removed the same day if possible. We have the tools and knowlege to remove the metal and the rust ring so your eye can feel better right away and heal correctly within a few days.