Refractive Services and Much More

Here at Adam’s Eyecare, your Vision and Eye Health is our top priority, and we provide a variety of specialty services to our patients.

Our Refraction Services are one reason many our patients come to see us. They are having various problems like- headaches from eye strain, poor performance at school, blur, difficulty seeing the board at school, broken or lost glasses, or feel like their current glasses aren't working as well as they like. Many patients who come for a routine eye exam, or annual eye check up are interested in knowing if their eyes have "changed"... meaning their refraction or eyeglasses power. Some patients refraction will change enough in one year to need a significantly different glasses power to obtain clear vision.

Adam Heiner learned about refraction from the best in the field at Pacific University College of Optometry. He has 21 years of experience asking patients... "Which is better? One, or Two?". Then taking that subjective information along with objective measurements from state of the art equipment, and years of experience to create a prescription that lets a patient "See Good and Feel Good".

We specialize in helping patients with the toughest refractive problems. We know how to properly prescribe for prism, slab off, diplopia, presbyopia, anisometropia, amblyopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and myopia. We know the art and science of great refraction!

Even the best glasses can't help someone with unhealthy eyes. Dr Heiner is licensed in Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease, and regularly attends continuing education to learn the newest science related to Eyecare. We take your eye health and comfort very seriously. We offer a variety of eye health services to fit your eye care needs. When you come for an eye exam, we will carefully check your whole eye health. Some offices use dilating eye drops on everyone to view the back of the eye- we also do that, but often our Doctor is able to use our advanced retinal imaging to see your retina- and often avoid dilation. We try to make your eye health check ups and appointments as comfortable as possible, and go to extra effort to make sure you get the best Eyecare at Adam's Eyecare. 

We provide Specialty Services to help you with: