optometrist reception area


Jenna - Office Manager

I am the Office manager, purchaser and Adam's wife. I love finding frames that I can get excited about. I look for styles that are both high quality and shapes that compliment peoples faces and personalities. I want everyone that comes in to feel that we have listened to them and done our best to help them. Focusing on training and fine tuning our processes makes us efficent and as knowledgable as possible.


I am the Eyeglasses Expert. I know what your glasses need to make you look good, and see good. I can help with any Eyewear questions or repairs. I understand how your vision insurance works, and am here to help you

Lily - Ophthalmic Technician

I am an ophthalmic technician with over 3 years of optical experience. I help a patient feel comfortable while collecting eye measurements for the Doctor to review with the patient. I love to provide a welcoming friendly enviroment so our patients feel comfortable. I strive to do my very best in providing the best service possible and I am eager to help!

Front Office Administration- Now hiring

I am the happy human to facilitate Patient interactions with our Optician and our Doctor. I have medical office experience with scheduling, insurance verification, and Co-Management coordination. I enjoy helping adults and children. I strive to get things done right the first time and know that listening is the key to that. 

Crystal - Medical Billing and Patient Advocate

I have experience coordinating insurance bennefits, and helping our patients get the coverage they are entitled. I verify insurance benefits, get pre authorizations, and submit medical insurance claims. My goal is to be helpful and have patients be happy. When not at work I love my family, and enjoy pop culture and drawing.