eye pressure scan


Here at Adam’s Eyecare, we know how vital your vision is. We want you to see good for your whole lifetime. When someone has glaucoma they may not even know it- as vision doesn't go away until the disease is very advanced. We are able to find glaucoma in the early stages, when treatment is helpful. Glaucoma doesn't need to mean blindness, it can be managed, and many people with glaucoma are still able to see well for a long time.

Glaucoma is defined as damage and loss of the eye's optic nerve axons, ganglion cells, and visual cortex. We check carefully for early glaucoma with pressure monitoring, visual field screenings, and examination of the optic nerve. If we have suspect glaucoma we will make a plan for treatment. Sometimes the plan is to monitor and recheck. Sometimes reducing the intraocular pressure with eyedrops is helpful. Sometimes referral to a glaucoma specialist for a laser procedure or glaucoma surgery is needed.  

We will work together and talk about glaucoma, how it relates to you, what treatment options are available, and come up with a plan tailored for you.

chart explaining glaucoma